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No matter how much some of us try to do well in the cooking department, things may not always work out as we expect it, because the kitchen is not a place for everyone. If you ever felt like you really love doing something but it doesn't seem to love you back, you will surely relate to these people involved in these kitchen fails.

  1. 1 Spaghetti squash vs microwave

    Spaghetti squash vs microwave. Squash wins! #kitchenfail

  2. 2 PyrexUKOfficial fail

    Sounded like a bomb went off in our kitchen!  I’m so thankful the kids were not standing close by...will never purchase this bakeware again!!  #pyrexfail

  3. 3 The dark chocolate covered almonds did not turn out as expected.

    Now calling it chocolate brittle???? 1/2 batch is covered in sea salt the other 1/2 is covered in merlot infused salt. #reallyneededthisdayoff #kitchenfail

  4. 4 I dreamt about sardines on toast the other night.

    In which Sardines on Toast are made.

  5. 5 A lot of milk cream please...

    I've really got to start nailing this whole poaching parsnip in milk thing. #woops #kitchenfail

  6. 6 Fresh bread? No thanks

    Just tried to make fresh bread for gifts last night. This is what greeted me in the morning. #kitchenfail

  7. 7 0 calories dark pizza

    Burnt some calories today. No, literally! I thought I'd be #Einstein and warm this pizza in the toaster for my nephew. Instead, the toaster caught fire and so did the kitchen nearly! Now the whole house is full of thick black smoke! #kitchendisaster #cookingfail

  8. 8 The rebel beans

    I've had a terrible baked beans accident  #eastersunday #kitchendisaster

  9. 9 Black sweet potatoes

    Black sweet patatoe chips anyone? Lol.. yea um.. didn't go as planned! No salio como planeado lol. #kitchendisaster

  10. 10 Macaroni puke recipe

    I don't often fail with recipe formulation, tonight was the exception. I missed with my Hamburger Helper hack. I'm surprisingly bummed about it too. #cookingfail

  11. 11 Empty chicken kiev recipe

    Tonight’s #cookingfail..... teeny (cremated) jacket potatoes and chicken kiev (with no sign of any kiev... I think it evaporated!)

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